Ratio and Proportion Worksheets

We made a slight change to the Fractions worksheets page today. The section formerly called, "Equivalent Fractions Worksheets" is now called, "Ratio and Proportion." Previously, there was only one type of worksheet in this section called, "Find the Missing Number." We changed the name of the worksheet to, "Equivalent Fractions." Hopefully, that isn't too confusing!

The good news is that we also added some other worksheets to this section. Because it is almost autumn, we decided to include a picture based ratio worksheet where students are asked to write ratios for autumn related images. There are two versions of this worksheet, one that only includes simple ratios (i.e. part to part ratios) and one that also includes part to whole ratios.

We also added some equivalent ratio worksheets both with blanks and with a variable x.

Enjoy the new math worksheets!